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Coat Quality

You must be really careful because to many breeders produce soft coat. The griffon has been created to have a harsh coat and, of course, there are reasons for this.  A dog with soft coat seems to never dry and ends up freezing during a duck hunting day.  When he will hunt in the woods, many things will stuck on the dog and he will get out of the woods with a woolly coat.  Has a family dog, a dog with a harsher coat is easier to groom and so more beautiful.

Here are some pictures of soft coat:
(not ours!)
images images 1 mauvais poils
Here are some pistures of harsher coat:
gouda 2012 bayou w10

NAVHDA work titles

Why working title, it's the assurance that the dog will love to work with you or simply , that will love to be with you.  All this because of the cooperation and obediance judged during the test.  Two very important qualities to have fun with our griffon.  Those tests are as good for working dogs and house dogs.  A dog that perfoms well during those tests will be easy to train and nice in the house.


steve et raclette - copie ne fais plus jamais a s brodeur  n prima


Health tests

You must be sure of the health tests of both parents. We have decided to follow the "CHIC" recommandations ( Don't be shy to ask to see the official certificats recommanded by the CHIC.

Here's what the CHIC recommand:
-X-rays results of hips and elbows (OFA or Penhipp)
-verification results for the eyes (CERF, OFA)

It's very important to visit the breeder to see the installation of where the dogs live and to be sure that the relation with the breeder is good. Be careful with breeders that only talk about beauty titles, it is good of course but, the must important thing will always be the working titles (NAVHDA).  Too many dogs don't like to work (love of the water, duck search, field work) and have ordinary hunting qualities. Sometimes we wonder why our little pup is not passionate, that is where the importance of having parents coming from lines that have well performed in NAVHDA comes.

You can visit the NAVHDA website to see their philosophy: 

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